Who am I?

“Until 4 years ago I thought I had the world in my hands, until the devastating moment it was ripped from under my nails. At first I was asking ‘why me’ and I still do to this day, however, I am now on a journey finding out that the world wasn’t ripped from under my hands, but that it was given to me perfectly fitted, perfectly meant to be, perfectly imperfect. The moment I fell asleep.”

Hi, my name is Beth and I live in the UK.

Come and share in this crazy journey with me as I struggle with illnesses, mental health and trying to find myself as a young adult.

I hope to give hope and support to anyone and everyone who needs it.

If you feel like you want more support or information about KLS I will leave a link below for the ‘KLS support UK’ website.

Thank you for making me part of your day.




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